Getting Started

Many clients experience apprehension or some fear when starting psychotherapy and reasonably want to know what happens at our first session and what the expectations are. At our first session I will be asking you questions around two main themes: why you’re seeking psychotherapy and what is the most important issue you’re facing now.

I work from a client-centered perspective, which means that your goals and experience are the main focus. From our first session together, my priority is to establish a warm and trusting relationship with you. This means I will listen in an open and non-judgmental manner and provide a safe space for you to discuss what is important to you.

I’ve sat where you’re about to sit and bring empathy as well as my academic and professional training to help you develop greater insight and the tools to cope better and live a fuller life.

I provide three types of counselling services in my practice:


Caregiver Counselling

Case Management

See my FAQ for more information on psychotherapy and how it can help you!

Psychotherapy FAQs

Psychotherapy, Counselling and Case Management are provided to clients in three formats:

In-person/Individual Psychotherapy

I provide individual psychotherapy to both adults and seniors in-person, which means we’ll meet in my office. Clients have the option of choosing to stay with in-person sessions or switch to online and phone counselling if and when this feels appropriate. I also provide family meetings in the context of caregiver counselling and have some availability for home visits where the caregiver and care receiver are limited in leaving the home. I work from an inclusive and client-centered framework and have many years experience working with the full diversity of our population.

Online Video Conferencing

The approach is virtually the same as in—person psychotherapy though we will meet using a free, private and web-based video conferencing platform that is easy-to-use and provides encrypted/private communication. This form of psychotherapy is ideal for those who find it difficult to schedule in-person sessions and/or leave their homes.


I will do a preliminary assessment before starting this form of counselling as it is not a suitable format for people seeking psychotherapy where there is some complexity to the issues.

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